Finding The Right Hand Trolley Required For Your Material Handling Needs

plateform-truck6Hand trolleys are devices used for transporting equipment from one place to another. These are small and are available in a range of designs. They are manufactured for large industrial size jobs as well. They can be used in almost any place.  If a lot of equipment and cargo is lifted manually there’s a good chance of someone getting hurt or the cargo getting damaged. With the right hand trolley you can safely move the goods and also protect the people who are helping you to carry the cargo.

plateform-truck5Why use Hand Trolleys?

  • Hand trolley also known as a trolley truck is extensively being used by several different industries. They are in high demand as anyone who needs to move products from one place to another uses hand trolleys.
  • When heavy load is carried manually it results in back injuries and other health problems of the workers. Carrying load in a trolley can protect people from slipping, tripping  and falling and getting injured.
  • By using the trolley work production increases, work gets completed faster and eventually it saves the money and time of your company.

Hand trolleys are fitted with fixed wheels as well as swivel castor wheels for easy movement. They have  a platform, with a frame and a double side handle attached for controlled movement. These are made of steel, aluminum or polystyrene and can carry load from 500 kg to 1 ton. The maximum load capacity of a trolley is very important when you have to move a lot of heavy objects. Very large, heavy equipment, machine or even heavy boxes cannot be moved with hand trolleys.

hand-truck7A variety of designs and types of hand trolleys are there in the market for you to choose from. Depending on your requirement you can select the one that is appropriate for the operations and the weight you need to carry. There are specialized trolleys for different kinds of jobs

  • The most common type of trolleys used are wheeled trolleys made from stainless steel with wheels made out of stainless steel as well. These are used in retail stores, warehouses and factories where heavy loads are to be moved.
  • Metal wheel trolleys with a frame and wheels made of a metal alloy are heavier and strongly made. They usually have a wider platform for extra-large loads. They are used in large industrial buildings, large warehouses, storage facilities, and moving companies.
  • Metal alloy trolleys are used for transporting heavy products, like items made of steel.
  • Folding trolley is lightweight but it can carry heavy loads. It is made of rust-proof aluminum. It can be folded and as it takes up less space it can be easily transported to where ever it is needed.

hand-truck8No matter what kind of a trolley you use, you need good quality handling trolley that is well-designed, it should be able to work well in high as well as low temperatures, it should be corrosion resistant and the frames should be made of stainless steel.

Therefore, each kind of trolley has its own set of characteristics and best use. So go ahead and select the one that fits your purpose the best, confidently make a purchase, load and start using it.

Is Manual Stacker The Right Equipment for Your Lifting and Transporting Needs?

hydraulic-trucks5To move and stack pallets in a warehouse, pallet stackers are used. Pallets can be moved from one location to another or loading and unloading of pallets from a truck delivering goods can all be done with ease with the help of these stackers. Two types of pallet stackers are available in the market, manual stackers and powered stackers.

If these machines were not used then huge manpower would be needed to carry out the loading activity. The efficiency of this material handling equipment is much more than that of the workers. There are several types, brands and models of manual stackers to choose from in the market, depending on your requirement.

battery-stacker-250x250Manual stackers are a perfect tool for transporting and stacking palletized loads within the warehouse environment. The operator generally walks behind a manual stacker and pushes and pulls it to its desired location. As it is hydraulic, the operator uses a foot pedal or pump to raise the forks. Once they have reached their desired place a trigger-type lever is used to lower the pallets. These are good for warehouses that have small productivity and loading and unloading is not done more than ten times. They can be operated on smooth floors.

Manual stackers can load and unload weights up to 2 tons. They have simple and reliable hydraulic system and dust free nylon wheels with double sealed bearings. With light and compact construction they have ergonomically designed steering handles for easy operation from all angles. They are fabricated using superior quality material and advanced technology.  The stackers are now considered as the most essential equipments needed in the warehousing and manufacturing fields.

electric-stackerFactories dealing in food manufacturing often use these stackers which help to stack the items preventing them to stick to each other while being packed. The speed of the production and the unloading process improves with the use of these stackers. Now stackers are available with advanced features which have made them very popular. It is competent enough to perform enhanced tasks and satisfy the needs and requirements of different customers.

A major advantage of using manual stacker is that it does not emit any waste, so there is no gas to dispose off and they are the ideal choice for indoor use. Electric stacker is operated by batteries, so care has to be taken to maintain and charge the battery well. This is not the case with manual stacker.The most important aspect of any industry is the safety of the employees. These stackers help to reduce injury from repetitive movements or odd positioning of the employees. This in turn helps to improve productivity and morale of workers.

Manual stackers are designed with safety as a major feature. Some of the safety features are safety brakes, variable speed forward mechanism and reverse gear mechanism.

If you are in an industry where you need to move pallets on a regular basis, manual stacker is a wonderful choice. They help to increase efficiency and safety and reduce the risk of injury. They have become one of the most important devices for undertaking a number of functions in any industry.

Aluminium Ladder – Different Types of Aluminium Ladders

alluminium-ladders7A ladder is a very useful material handling equipment that helps us in various chores, whether at home or at office, factory, trade etc. You may require something from the attic or loft. Or you may need to paint the high wall. All these activities are made possible with a simple ladder. Ladder can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

There are various kinds of ladders available in the market. They are constructed from different materials. Aluminium ladders are considered to be the best out of them. They are among the toughest and most stable type of ladders. They are economical to buy and easy to maintain. Being light weight they are easy to be carried from one work place to the other. Also known as mobile ladders they are used for climbing tall buildings as well as for other industrial purposes.

alluminium-ladders2These are termite proof and weather proof. They do not get damaged by water and rust. They are almost maintenance free and scratch-resistant and do not require any paint touch-ups even if they are exposed to rain, heat, or snow. These ladders also come in many varieties. The best ladders are the ones that are strong and have a sturdy base.

The ladders can be self supporting so that simple chores can be carried out without any assistance. Then there are wall support ladders but these are not useful if one has to, say, change a bulb in a chandelier in the middle of the room.

Extension ladders are also available in which the length of the ladder can be extended as required. These are mainly used for small industrial purposes, like maintenance of streetlights and for commercial use. Roof works, wall decorations and material storage in the buildings can also be done using these ladders.

alluminium-ladders11Most prominent of the ladders are the step ladders. They can be of any height according to the requirement varying from 6’ to 20’. The step ladders used for industrial purpose are made more sturdy and stable. They are made from superior quality raw materials, have high tensile strength and are resistant to corrosion.

Step ladders also come with wide steps and railing and four wheels. These are commonly used in various industry applications. The platform situated at the top of the ladder can be used to place tools, paint, or some other item while working.

Folding ladders take less space and can be neatly folded away when not required. These are available in various shapes and sizes.

alluminium-ladders1The Telescopic ladder is a multi-use tool designed to safely convert to a variety of different working heights and locations. They are used in construction industries as they are light in weight and have long working life. These are designed using superior quality raw material, like copper, stainless steel and brass.

Industrial Ladders are available in different sizes, designs and as per the requirement. These are used for electrical works, domestic purpose, or any industrial job. Tower Ladders arelight in weight, fire proof and dust proof. They are useful where wall support is not available.

Thus, Aluminium ladder is pretty popular as is economical and durable.

Getting Big Jobs Done With the Help of Floor Cranes

hydraulic-trucks6Just like a hydraulic stacker, a crane is a type of machine which is used to lift and lower equipments or move them horizontally. These are generally used in the transport, construction and manufacturing industry to move and assemble heavy equipment. It is not easy lifting heavy loads regularly. A floor crane can be moved to the loads position and lift the load with ease.

A variety of cranes is available in the market today, in terms of size as well as type. There are as many different types of cranes as there are uses for them. Each type and size of crane serves a different function. Crane sizes range from the massive ones to much smaller ones which are used in factories and workshops.

Floor Cranes include Heavy Duty Cranes, Gantry Crane, Industrial Cranes, Hydraulic Floor Cranes and many more types. Lifting, hoisting or carrying heavy objects manually by the workers can have an undesirable consequence on their health. It is wise to use a floor crane to carry out such tasks in a short time frame with minimum energy usage.

crane-hoist-wheels4Large and bulky machinery to containers and materials, floor cranes are really very useful material handling equipments in moving the items around easily and competently. This helps your warehouse / industry to work in a more efficient way and increase profitability and productivity.

The majority of the bulk in a crane is located at a low level which ensures maximum stability and it is able to lift heavy loads. As the center of gravity is low it is much less possible to topple over and it acts as a self stabilizing mechanism. It can lift the load up from the ground and move it onto a flat trolley base which will carry it to its destination.

A floor crane is a heavy-duty device, careful maintenance is needed to ensure its maximum longevity. It can carry load from 500 kg up to 3 tons.  All load pins are made from steel with the process of hardening, grinding, and zinc plating for long life of the equipment. Its hook is made of heavy duty special industrial cast iron material for that extra strength.

crane-hoist-wheels5With heavy duty block wheels with double ball bearing the crane is easy to move around and in spite of its weight it is surprisingly maneuverable and a single person can move it around. Boom, the steel beam used as arm to hold the load, is the most important part of a crane. The type of crane can be recognized from its boom.

Floor cranes are used around a shop floor, garage, construction site, warehouse, industry etc. where you need to lift, load, assemble and position heavy objects. They are a good investment because they last long and save a great amount of time and energy.

A gantry crane can be fixed or it can stand on wheels and be mobile. These are easy to disassemble and reassemble for easy repositioning. They have two upright beams and a cross beam. Warehouses and industries often use this type of crane within a work area to move materials over short or long distances.

With proper experience and training cranes are extremely safe and functional for any job. Use of proper equipment ensures faster completion of work.

Benefits of Using a Wheel Barrow for Carrying the Load

hand-truck12A carrier, usually having only one wheel, consisting of a tray bolted to two handles and two legs is called a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow is a type of hand trolley used in construction and industry for carrying larger loads; it is also used for carrying small loads for a gardener. The early version of the wheelbarrow consisted of a large single wheel at the front of a platform. The load was placed behind the wheel, and the operator would lift the heavy end and push the load. Sometimes a small basket would be used to carry the load, and if it was heavy, a second operator could pull from the front. The wheelbarrow was probably used first used in agriculture and then its use spread to construction, transportation of goods, mining, and brick making and so on. The wheelbarrow enables the loads to be lifted and carried close to the ground. With a wheelbarrow, a basket of goods can be unloaded quickly and put back into action. Wheelbarrows today can have one, two, or four wheels. The wheels can be either in front or beneath the load.

hand-truck2A wheelbarrow is an effective way for one person to carry load a sure necessity to a backyard gardener as well as for the workers in the industry. They are simple and non-motorized means of great help. It is a lot easier mixing concrete if you select the wheelbarrow option. They are easy to handle and mix. The wheelbarrow allows the pull of something to be of greater ease. The wheelbarrow enables the convenient carriage of heavier loads because the wheelbarrow is designed to distribute the weight of its load between the wheel and the operator. Wheelbarrows are used to move materials around one’s property.

  • hand-truck1Wheelbarrows are extremely convenient material handling equipments for hauling bags of fertilizer or mulch, plants, tools, trash, or bulk materials like soil, sand, gravel, or compost etc. a typical wheelbarrow has a hopper, one tire, and two handles. It is possible to roll a wheelbarrow along a board over a muddy spot or up a narrow ramp because of a single wheel.
  • The wheelbarrow is the most useful equipment for a gardener. He uses the wheelbarrow for daily maintenance jobs as well as jobs on a larger scale too.
  • They prove extremely efficient when you have to transport things from one place to another. Wheelbarrows are easy to handle and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Wheelbarrows can be termed as all-in-one carriers for collecting leaves, clearing up, mixing and moving compost, holding tools and having close to hand for carting, when mowing the lawn, pruning the hedge, weeding, planting or bringing home the harvest and much more.
  • Wheelbarrows increase your productivity and are a great labour saving device.

The modern wheelbarrow was invented in China, possibly as early as 100 BC. Everything becomes easy when working in the garden with the help of a good quality wheelbarrow. While undertaking a landscaping task, the use of a wheelbarrow to transport items from one place to another will prevent personal injury and will also save time and energy for other things.

Complete Information About a Cylinder Trolley

hand-truck10The material handling equipment used within the industrial works to help with the transportation of Propane, Oxygen and many other cylinders from one place to another is called the cylinder trolley. Cylinders Trollies are a necessity within the industry and help the workers carrying out lifting and moving tasks with ease and comfort. They are so designed to be extremely beneficial in increasing an individual’s output to work. The added advantage is that the cylinders are held in place with a metal chain for extra security and to stop the risk of accidents within the workplace and injuries such as muscle, joint and back pain can be avoided. Cylinders trolleys are a must have at the workplace to ensure safe working conditions for the workers at the workplace and to maximise productivity and help to improve safety conditions for the workers. Safe and conducive working conditions boost the morale of the workers and make them more productive.

hand-truck8Oxygen cylinder trolley is designed to carry oxygen cylinders and are therefore ideal for use in hospitals. They allow easy manoeuvring of cylinders of various sizes and weights. The cylinder trolleys are so designed to hold and carry heavy compressed gas cylinders. The trolleys are so designed as to roll soundlessly and smoothly even on rough surfaces. They are durable, safe, convenient transport for medical, industrial and commercial use. The Gas Cylinder Trolley is designed for industries which perform welding work at different locations. These can also be shifted from one position to another as per the requirement of carrying two cylinders at a time.

hand-truck9The gas cylinder trolleys are made from the best quality of mild steel material. They are convenient for carrying different types of gas cylinders from one place to another. The gas cylinder trolleys are widely used in oxygen bottle mfg. plant, factories, engineering company, assemble department, etc. They carry additional features like the steering castor wheels with double ball bearings rear wheels with double ball bearings. The safety chain prevents the cylinder from falling and slipping and thus preventing accidents. The cylinder trolleys are engineered with precision and have a high load bearing capacity. They are efficient and are known for their easy operation. They are made from best quality material and these castor wheel trolleys are effective to carry different types of material from one place to other, especially the oxygen cylinder.

The castor wheel trolleys have two swivel castors with bearing that assists easy transportation of materials in required directions. These are widely used in factories, retail stores, assemble department, etc. they give the operator a better control in manoeuvring the trolley. The cylinder trucks are designed to provide accommodation for an additional cylinder for longer period of use.

They are so designed that they can easily accommodate two cylinders without affecting the smooth mobility of it. Carrying cylinders personally and loading and unloading cylinders constantly will bend the workers’ backs. This is not good for the spinal column and over time may cause injury to the spinal column and chronic back pain.

Features of a Trolley Truck

hand-truck11A trolleybus-like vehicle used for carrying cargo is known as a trolley truck. The hand trolley truck can transport cartons or packages. Trolleys that are ideal to carry heavy materials are enormously in demand. They are popular because of their features like quality, efficiency and dimensional accuracy. The luggage trolleys are precisely designed to carry heavy loads from one place to another. The platform trolleys are ideal to use in factories, dockyards, railway workshops, airports, warehouses and fertilizer plants. Trolleys are effective to carry different types of material from one place to other. Trolleys which are specially designed to carry oxygen cylinder are castor wheel trolleys. They have two swivel castor wheels with bearing that assists easy transportation of materials in required directions. These are widely used in factories, retail stores, assemble department, etc. trolleys that are capable of handling multiple loads at a time are called handling trolleys.

hand-truck10A trolley truck is an L-shaped box-moving handcart with handles at one end, wheels at the base, with a small ledge to set objects on, flat against the floor when the hand-truck is upright. The objects which are required to be moved are tilted forward and then the ledge is inserted underneath them and the objects are allowed to tilt back and rest on the ledge. Then the truck and the objects are tilted backward until the weight is balanced over the large wheels. This makes the otherwise bulky and heavy objects easier to move. Trolley trucks ensure easy transportation of goods around your workplace. Trolley trucks protect your staff from injuries resulting from heavy lifting.

Trolley trucks make us to work smarter in material handling. It increases effectiveness of single person and eliminates the need for more manpower. Trolley trucks are designed to handle heavy loads with ease and to withstand daily wear & tear. One can choose from a wide variety of trolley trucks to suit any application. The trolley trucks are durable and safe to use. They are made using quality material and cutting edge technology and surpass all quality norms. They are capable of withstanding high pressure and tension. The hand trolleys/trucks are robust in design, and possess high load bearing capacity and available in various forms.

hand-truck2We provide a range that is surely superior. The  Wheelbarrows, Cylinder Trolley, Gas Cylinder Trolley, Cylinder Truck, Pallet Stackers, Manual Stacker, Semi Electric Stacker, Hydraulic Pallet Truck, Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks, Lifting Equipment, Hand Trucks are provided  to our clients as per their requirement. These are designed using the best grade aluminium, which are sourced from certified vendors in the market. The trolley trucks are of best quality and are manufactured using excellent raw materials catering to the high standards of demand of the users of various industries extensively. Our material handling equipments are used in many kinds of material handling works to lifting, shifting material. All the designs are leak proof with extra roller for easy moving. They are easy to operate and are silent in operation. Hey deposit the load effortlessly.

Electric Stacker – A Material Handling Equipment Delivering Quality Performance

electric-stackerTo pick up, deliver and consolidate pallets into columns Electric stackers, driven by electric-motor are used in industries and warehouses. To manage fully loaded pallets is not possible without some kind of mechanized support. Even an average empty pallet weighs about 20 to 40 kilograms and has a size of 100 x 122 cm, and to lift and stack these also is tough and risky if done manually.

Managing fully loaded pallets is simply not possible without the help of pallet stackers. A strong electric pallet stacker is able to carry and stack up loaded pallets up to 2 tons of weight. To carry weight more than this heavy duty stackers are needed. It has an electro-hydraulic system for lifting and a manual relief-valve mechanism to lower the loads.

The modern stackers are more developed and perform better at faster pace. The market of electric stackers is very competitive so the prices of such items are kept at a reasonable level by the manufacturers. Their price range varies according to the difference in their designs.

battery-stacker-250x250Electric stackers are empowered with improved capacity to carry more weight as compared to manual stackers. They are fitted with restricted and narrow aisles for easy movement of the pallet loads. The users can not only lift up items but they also have unlimited control over lifting the load with the help of smooth hand controlled powered system. These electric stackers are heavy weighted items. It has a remote control, an easy to read illuminated battery status voltmeter, and three light LED charge status indicator.

Electric pallet stackers have features such as safety brakes, variable-speed forward / reverse gear mechanism. They don’t emit any waste gas for disposal, so among forklifts, they are an ideal choice for indoor use. The slightly higher initial cost will be more than compensated by the cost saved on fuel. These can be operated for more than one shift.

Some of the places where they are widely used are warehouses, factories, laboratories, hospitals etc. Electric stackers are considered one of the most essential material handing equipments needed in the warehousing and manufacturing fields. They are recommended when greater quantity of pallets needs to be moved to ensure the safety of the operator. As these are battery operated it is very important that the battery is maintained properly and it is charged for a sufficient time.

hydraulic-trucks5The three main types of electric stackers are:

  • Counterweight Stabilized Fork Lifts, these are able to lift the pallets directly off the floor.
  • Fork over, these are more space efficient, maneuverability is more, are less expensive but they cannot lift pallets right off the floor.
  • Straddle Legged Fork Lifts, these can lower their forks to the ground to pick up pallets, they are more expensive and take up more space to store.

Electric stackers have earned a lot of appreciation among users due to their high-end performance. As this type of material handling equipment can be used for an extended time period it has made a strong stipulate among the users. They are designed with safety in mind and come with a number of safety features.

Things To Know About a Hydraulic Stacker

hydraulic-trucks5Hydraulic Stackers are used in warehouses and industries. They are used to move and stack pallets, to move pallets from one location to another or to load or unload pallets from a truck delivering goods. The stackers are now considered one of the most essential materials handling equipment needed in the warehousing and manufacturing fields.

Electric hydraulic stackers use an electro-hydraulic system to lift and a manual relief-valve to lower loads. They don’t emit waste, so there is no gas to dispose of, making them the ideal machine for indoor use. They are battery operated so it is important that the battery is properly maintained and sufficiently charged.  Pallet stackers are an excellent choice if you are in an industry that needs to move pallets on a regular basis. Not only do they increase efficiency and safety, they also reduce the risk of injury.

electric-stackerNon-electric pallet stackers are pushed or dragged using the muscle power of the operator. While using a non-electric pallet stacker, the operator should use the manual stacker only on a smooth floor and should not move more than ten pallets in a day.

Hydraulic stackers can easily work in narrow areas and are safe to use when other workers are working around. The operator does not require any certification to operate them. They are very useful for loading, unloading and stacking operations. They have a detachable platform on the fork which can also be used as an adjustable worktable.

Several types, brands and models of hydraulic stackers are available in the market to choose from. You have to determine which one is right for your business. Depending on the size, the operator can walk behind, sit behind, or stand behind the machine and operate it.

Hydraulic stackers have an engine compartment, which has the electrical and mechanical components in it, and all hydraulic, electrical and gas powered equipments that runs the machine are also here. The other main component is the forks. The carriage has an open centre section and low profiled forks with inner reinforcement. These are used to slide into the pallets, lift them, and move them to their desired location.

battery-stacker-250x250The operator pushes and pulls the stacker to its preferred site. As the stacker is hydraulic, the operator uses a foot pedal or pump to raise the forks. A trigger-type level is used to lower the pallets once they have reached their desired location. A manual pallet stacker is used to move pallets and loads weighing one ton or less.

An electrical stacker is operated by either sitting in a seat provided or standing on a platform attached to it. It is often powered by either electric, or gas. The pallets can be lifted and moved by using power, which is less strenuous on the operator. The steering handle is ergonomically designed and the movement toward a particular direction is accomplished by moving the handle in that direction. The buttons on the handle are used for lifting and lowering the forks. They are designed keeping safety in mind and come with a number of safety features like safety brakes, variable-speed forward mechanisms and reverse gear mechanisms.

For an industry that needs to move pallets on a regular basis, hydraulic stackers are an excellent choice.

How Material Handling Equipment Can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Hardship?

plateform-truck11Material handling is a very broad term for equipment and other items that help you to move, store and protect goods, materials, and products. It is the base of every competent, safe industrial process.

Using material handling equipment can make best use of productivity, enhance the safety of workers in the work place, increase output, and control the costs. The work can be done faster and more effectively. The time needed to finish specific tasks is reduced.

In any industry or manufacturing site, significant number of manual personnel is needed for carrying and transporting the manufactured products or the materials used for manufacturing purposes from one place to another. Depending on the material you handle, you can choose the appropriate material handling equipment for your industry.

119The workforce in the industries is exposed to the hazards of lifting heavy weights every day. Material handling equipments are necessary for reducing the risk of physical injuries to employees. The risk of injuries due to manual material handling has definitely increased. Having the right material handling equipment with good design has become essential for a smooth and efficient workflow and for high productivity. These provide bulk material handling solutions to industries throughout the world and reduce investments and operational costs.

Storage of raw materials and finished products before final shipment are important areas in any industry. The commonly used material handling equipments are robust pallet truck, hand pallet trucks, scissor lifts, hydraulic lifts, hydraulic stackers, floor cranes etc. Forklift trucks and powered jacks help to move the material vertically. Trucks are cost-effective and efficient material handlers meant for transportation of heavy loads of materials.

drum-euipments7These equipments are available in different sizes, finishes and colors. Electric, luggage and utility carts are popular models that cater to the various needs of the industry. There are special drum handling equipments used for transporting liquid raw materials or waste materials that piles up in a workplaces.

Handling and storing materials in industries involve various operations such as loads of steel to be elevated with a crane, trucks loaded with concrete blocks to be driven, bags or materials to be carried manually and piling palletized bricks etc.

These equipments can maximize productivity, improve the safety in the work place, enhance output and most of all, it can manage costs. Instead of involving laborious work from employees, these can do the job much faster and more efficiently. The time needed to finish specific tasks is cut to more than half.

hand-truck10Automated material handling increases the operation of the plant, space and equipment, and improves safe working conditions. The functions of automated material handling should be designed such that the movement of raw materials and products throughout the production process becomes more efficient

Material handling equipment is definitely the best solution to improve productivity. Adaptability, dependability, high-tech technology and superior implementation are making modern material handling equipment necessary for a range of industries. To decide if the material handling equipment is reaching the highest proficiency one must acquire  all the important information about the operations of the storehouse.

Automated material handling increases the operation of the plant, space and equipment, and improves safe working conditions.