Importance of Wheelbarrows for Material Handling

hand-truck2A metal, wood or plastic transportation device that has one wheel, a bucket/barrow and two handles is known as a wheelbarrow. The handles are pushed to move the device forward, using the wheel to lighten the load. Wheelbarrows are frequently used by the masonry and concrete workers to mix concrete and mortar. Concrete is poured into the bowl of the wheelbarrow by the masonry worker and then water is sprayed into the concrete powder. A shovel is used to mix the water and concrete, taking care to spray off any unused concrete out of the wheelbarrow when the mixture begins to harden. Wheelbarrows are also used by construction workers and handymen to transport small amounts of construction materials by hand.

hand-truck1When a small amount of debris or construction waste needs to be cleaned up or the site of the work does not feature heavy equipment, wheelbarrows are used by construction workers to dispose off debris and waste. Wheelbarrows are also used by landscapers. Landscapers use a wheelbarrow in order to transport materials from a large pile to their desired area. Gardeners use wheelbarrows to transport smaller trees and shrubs for planting and carry fertilizer to shrubs and trees. Use of wheelbarrows is also popular to reduce the strain on their backs when moving large bags of top soil and compost. The plant trays fit inside the basin of the wheelbarrow, requiring fewer trips to move plants to a garden when working in a large garden is involved. Gardeners also use wheelbarrows for weeding, as a single wheel barrow can be moved through the rows of a garden and weeds can be loaded up and dumped in another location. The wheelbarrow is designed in such a manner so as to distribute the weight of its load between the wheel and the operator so enabling the convenient carriage of heavier and bulkier loads than would be possible were the weight carried entirely by the operator.

hand-truck12Everything is made easy in the garden with the help of a wheelbarrow. There are so many items to manoeuvre around the yard, and using a wheelbarrow to do these tasks makes it a breeze. The dictionary defines the wheelbarrow as a frame or box for conveying a load, supported at one end by a wheel or wheels, and lifted and pushed at the other by two horizontal shafts. The wheelbarrow has been an integral part throughout human society for everything from gardening to building large structures. The earliest wheelbarrows are known to be used around 200 AD by soldiers in the armies of Chuko Liang, a Chinese general who developed the first recorded wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrow came from the word “barrow.” Europeans invented the barrow. The barrow was a hard piece of equipment that was long and flat. The wheelbarrow is a better design because it has a wheel and can be pushed or pulled by only one person and also it is a much better design for this task because it focuses on transporting goods. The wheelbarrow can be moved with by one person only and is thus a very convenient material handling equipment used in construction sites, industries, gardens etc.